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Science and religion are two aspects of existence. Mind Nature and Human Being is a philosophical & scientific study of life, origin, human being and various aspects of human existence. Mind is supposed to be the source of all human emotions, thought and action. Mind Nature and the Human Being reviews various aspects of mind, conciousness, soul, body and all related aspects of human being and the nature and brings out the unity between seen and unseen aspect of human being. The book provides a scientific insight into the secrets of nature, origin, life and human being.

Electron Divinity and Creation is based on origin of life and existence and studies various aspects of human existence and nature. The book is written as thanks giving on completion of 100 years of electron and goes deep into divinity behind matter and existence. It also lays the path for ultimate in existence-peace, harmony and salvation of every being.

Mind as a mystery has kept seers and scientists occupied from ages. AROS is a study of mind as the force behind human body and thought and analyses Mind as the operating system of human body. AROS is an acronym for Auto Regenerative Operating System where body is the physical part and mind is the software behind the body. AROS analyses origin and growth of mind in all its functionalities and concepts and presents a functional and conceptual model of mind based on cognitive and computer theories with the hope that it will help in finally emulating the mind in the lab.