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Poetry Yoga and Philosophy

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"Since time eternal, beginning of life, Every human thought and action;
Have been drawn to an age old query, Who is the creator? What is creation?
How were the galaxies and lives, made on earth and everywhere;
Who is the source and cause behind, and this world run in order.
These and many other Questions every day, rise and fall within hearts core;
But how can a mortal ever cross, The ocean without a Divine Oar."

Sahaja Yoga is the essence of all Yoga's and is based on the working of Kundalini, Nadis and Chakras in a human being. Sahaja Yoga - The Divine Oar is the poetic rendition of the intricacies of Sahaja Yoga and its working. The oar is the instrument of rowing the boat in water. Life is a boat in the ocean of life and sahaja yoga provides the instrument of taking one out of this ocean towards happiness and salvation.

"Creation Origin dawn of life, From Genesis to scientific theories;
These are many views and thoughts, But truthy is beyond all the stories."

How the world came into existence? Who is behind all the elements in creation? Adi - The Secret of Origin is the poetic rendering of the essence and secret of origin. It brings out the divinity behind seen and unseen and highlights the role of divine in the creation.

"You cannot learn the meaning of life, By living alone in a Mosque or Temple,
To know life you have to live, And enter waters deeper than ankle."

The Game of Life is a collection of poems depicting various aspects of life. To the author life is a game and every aspect of existence presents as an opportunity to look into the mysteries of existence. Poet in the author has assumed the role of seeker to unlock one more aspect of the reality of existence. The book provides a deep insight into the realities of existence.

"Born with you since time eternal, Sent with you from the start;
made in the image of Adi Shakti, Kundalini is the divine part."

The essence of whole existence is the desire of soul to unite with the creator. The Essence of Sahaja Yoga is the poetic rendition of the secrets and essence of Nadis, Chakras and Kundalini and the essence of Sahaja Yoga in all its details. The poetic rendering helps the vibrations of joy to rise and lead to self-realisation.

"Wise should not unsettle the ignorant, In action they do their partand duty;
Wise should become an example for all, By prsistantly performing their duty.
It is the power of Almighty's Nature, That performs all the actions dear,
Only the ignorant, clouded by ego, Think that that they are the doers here."

Gita is the essence of Hindu philosophy. Gita - The Divine Song is a poetic rendition of original shlokas for the english speaking people. Gita, apart from a book of religion is also a great treatise of wisdom and applies to all walks of modern life. With this in view the shlokas have been recompiled into simple english stanzas to make it a book of poems.

Roots of Evil and its Eradication

Roots of Evil and its Eradication

World has been passing through a difficult phase. One side it vis the struggle for survival and on the other it is the fight against terrorism and other similar evils. Individuals is the source as well as the sufferer. Modern science while able to define the underlying causes and sources has not been able to find a solution. On the contrary globalisation and drive for effluence have only added to the problem. The book "Roots of Evil and Its Eradication" is an effort in identifying the underlying causes and how to handle these so as to mitigate the suffering and abolish evil from the world. Though the issues are social but philosophy is the source of all true knowledge and hence the solutions are based on sound philosophical approaches. Since evil is harming all and everyone needs to live in happiness book will haelp everyone intersested in abolition and eradication of evil from the world.