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Creation is seen and unseen. A human being is known with the body but this body, the seen, is only an instrument for performing certain tasks. There is an unseen force behind the seen physical instrument, who drives and makes the body a person. Philosophers have called it as soul. The soul is supposed to be reflection of God in the human being. The book studies various aspects and theories of soul and presents the findings so as to to help the readers in a better understanding of what soul is.

Mind is a common word and is supposed to be source of all human actions and perception. It is invisible cause and a mystery to be understood in all its dimensions. Everyone with some understanding of human nature says that Mind makes a person as one is known in daily life. But the question relating to what is mind and what makes the mind baffles many. The book Mind answers most of the questions relating to Mind and its mysteries. It reviews various theories and models of the mind from science to Vedas and presents the findings for all to learn and understand the mysteries of mind.

A human being is known from his actions and behaviour in the daily life. All human actions and behaviour are caused by the working of human mind. But the mind works through the body. The book Human Relationships and Process of the Mind, reviews various aspects of the human relationship and processes behind the behaviour to present an understanding of how the mind works and how behaviour is caused by working of the mind.

Consciousness is the source of all human awareness. Infact a theory even suggests that conciousness is the fifth dimension of existence followed by energy which fills space, space and time. The book Conciousness reviews various theories of Conciousness from science and philosophy and presents the findings as a step to unlock the secrets of existence and life.

The Human Being is the centre of all human actions behaviour and queries leading to social and scientific developments in the world. The book The Human Being reviews various theories from science to vedas relating to the human being and presents the findings in a simple scientific way to help unlock the most profound mystery of existence.

A human being is made of four bodies-Physical, subtle, causal and super causal. Brain is the part of Physical body and Kundalini, the primordial power and source of whole creation, is the part of super causal. Kundalini Instrument is the bridge linking all four bodies and hence the Physical, subtle, causal and super causal. In a human being brain is the seat of mind, thought, reason etc. Brain is also the seat of Virata- The cosmic being. The book Brain Mind and Kundalini Instrument analyses various aspect of brain, mind and how Nadis, chakras and kundalini effect the working of brain-mind system and hence behaviour in a human being. A key to the understanding of human behaviour and how to master existence.