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The Burning Hearts (To be published)

The burning hearts refers to the pain and struggle of existence. Modern life, with all the prosperity and openness, has also put a demand on values and capability to adjust and compromise with new situations and values needed to adjust. The book "Burning Hearts" is a novel based on the story of a young people passing through the struggles of modern life.

DEVIL'S THUMB is a science fiction novel based on international conflicts and how professionals struggle to maintain the facade of peace and harmony in a turbulent world. The story is based around the international ocean environment and team of young and daring crusaders helps a democracy fight the demon of expansionism and criminal conspiracy to rule over others.


Where the Love Cried is a social and literary novel based on the story of a young mind in Love with a modern women. Bitten by the 'Lib' bug and desire to be seen as modern, the beloved behaves in a wanton way which hurts the young lover and makes him cry. The story brings out the struggle for to be or not to be between the young and modern and intends to help bring harmony in modern hearts.