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Association for Unity of Minds

World is a disturbed place. Greed for material growth and possession, power hunger, desire to control all etc. are some of the evils leading current ways of life. As per the oldest school of thought, the Vedic philosophy, Kaliyuga is blamed for current state of affairs. If Kaliyuga is to be vanquished and bring in a period of happiness, peace and joy then all those responsible need to realise the need for change and take necessary steps for ushering the golden age.

Every living is guided in day to day working by the mind of the living. Human being, the most evolved of all livings on earth, has a special role in creating harmony and peace in the world. Human Mind is the most powerful tool and gives to all good and bad thoughts. Thought is the base of all physical, mental and social actions by a human being. Therefore Mind is the powerful tool of making world a happy place.

Human beings as a social grouping suffers from all types of problems. Problems of the modern world are born and nurtured in human mind. Mind can be trained, directed controlled and managed by planned methods like education, training, self learning and motivation techniques. But, most important is to realise the need to understand mind and need for creating good minds.

Association for Unity of minds was conceived and nurtured to achieve the goal of making all aware of the need to bring all right thinking people together and find ways making our world a happy and joyful place for all to live. This means bringing all together and think in a positive way to make world a happier place.

For achieving its goal of a happy and joyful world AUM intends to organise group discussions at community, village, city, nation and international levels, hold seminars, publish articles and books leading to harmony and harmonious environment.

AUM believes in unity of minds, religions and thoughts and invites all to join in this drive to make world a better, happier and joyful place for all to live.

Association for Unity of Minds
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